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A free digital subscription to all publications (Journal of African American History and Black History Bulletin) *Once access to our digital publications is made available members will not be able to cancel their subscription. There is no way to take access away from the member once access is given. The digital subscriptions for all named publications include all back issues.

• Discounts on Conference Registration Fees.

• One vote at each year’s Executive Council election.

• Ability to post books to the ASALH Bookshelf.

• Post your news, events, and job to the ASALH Community Board for free.

• Ability to present at the Annual Conference.

• Ability to participate in the Author’s Book Signing Events.

Corporate Members also receive:

  • Two sets of the Black History Month “Kit” (Posters and other materials)
  • Two print and digital subscriptions to the Black History Bulletin
  • Two subscriptions to the print and digital version of the JAAH
  • All the same benefits that individual members receive.
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